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Focusing on our core selection of games.

We’re not like other events company’s, we don’t do a bit of everything. We focus on our selection of tried and tested winning formulas. Allowing us to bring the best service possible. 


Giant 8 lane slot racing track top view
CLASSIC 8 – GIANT scalextric

Our flagship product. Consistently the most popular attraction at any event.

MiniTrax 2 lane slot racing track suited for exhibitions
Minitrax – exhibition track

The ultimate racing experience when space is at a premium.

UFO 6 player reaction game. Most eye catching entertainment you can hire.
UFO – Reaction Game

This Light up reaction game is a unique spectacle and exclusive to MiniRacing

6 Player remote control football game
miniboots – football game

This 6 player football game is another crowd favourite, teamwork and skill will be needed to come out on top.

Hundreds of happy customers.


Nothing gets the crowd going like MiniRacing. All of our team are talented and humorous compares, creating an engaging and memorable event.

Our Story

Started in a humble garage in the UK back in 1994 by Chris Lewington. Tirelessly developing the most eye catching and reliable games in the industry.

Great games

Giant Slot Racing tracks bring about a wave of childhood nostalgia and provide competitive entertainment suitable for almost any event

what makes us different

UNIQUE games
Memorable events

We are the designers and creators of these awesome, purpose-built racing tracks. From the reliable and slick hardware to the sophisticated computerised scoring system; thousands of hours of research and development has gone into creating Miniracing.com equipment.

A crowd of people playing MiniBoots, a 6 player remote control football game.
Batak style reaction game with 6 players and an eye catching centre piece
Giant 8 lane scalextric style slot racing track in a studio with a crowd of people around it.

Event Tips

Planning an event? Check out our tips and tricks for making sure an event not only runs smoothly but is a memorable blast for the guests!

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