It’s like Batak, but bigger and better. 


This one of a kind game always draws a crowd.


UFO – 6 Player reaction game

For the ultimate out of this world experience why not try the UFO? This 6 player game tests your reaction and speed using over 35 multicoloured LED lights The concept is simple; hit each light as soon as it illuminates and win a point, but hit a light when it’s not lit up and lose that point. The player with highest score when time is up wins! If you’re looking to bring truly energetic entertainment to your event then UFO is sure to push your guest’s agility to the limit. Simple to play, impossible to stop

    • 6 Player
    • Length – 2.5m
    • Width  – 2.5m
    • Height – 0.9m
    • Power  – 90W (domestic plug)
    • Access – Any standard doorway
    • Operational area – 3.5m Diameter
    • Fully brandable
    • Integrated scoring system
    • Light up buttons
    • Central light up dome

See UFO in action

This game is always a smashing success.

Frequently asked questions

Can I brand this?

Yes. UFO is highly brandable. We can brand the main playing deck to any theme needed.

What type of event does UFO suit?
  • Party entertainment (e.g Birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvah etc)
  • Corporate team building
  • Exhibition attraction; The flashing lights and buzz of excitement generated by players naturally draws people over and provides a welcome change for delegates
  • Company fun days
How big is it?

2.5 Meter diameter x 0.9 Metre high. However we recommend about a meter around the game to give guests room to move. 

Is skill involved?

Yes, although UFO can be played by anybody! Hand to eye coordination, reaction time and stamina are all tested by this game.

How many people can play at once?

A maximum of 6 at any one moment.

Is it a competition?

A light-hearted competition, but a competition nonetheless! Up to 6 players compete against each other for the fastest reaction time. Each player’s score and group position is shown by an LED display. It can even be used by just one player, competing against the clock to set a score.

How easy is UFO to install at a venue?

UFO dismantles and will go through a regular doorway and into lifts. Setup time is about 40 minutes.

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